Saturday, March 26, 2011

While researching..I found a monster.

I've been researching for the perfect animal to turn into something crazy/weird/magical and have run into some odd Google images. This one in particular I cannot wrap my head around..
And I have a pretty big head.

Is this real? Should I assume that English Mastiffs are part of a steroid testing center?

And more so, is this happy couple insane? If the dog had a rabid outrage it could swallow both of them and ride the horse home.

Do they not see that they have a giant monster on a leash? What is that man going to accomplish with that leash were the dog to take off into a sprint?

Looking like a retard as he is dragged through the park and then eaten as a morning snack, that's what he'll accomplish.

Silly people and their flimsy leash.

I suppose the gravestones in the background are there as a sign, to bad everyone is smiling and oblivious. They should be wielding 150,000 watt cattle prods.


  1. Mastiffs are HUGE! I encountered one at Petco, and I noticed it could eat my head and no one would notice. :P

  2. lol! Awesome! These dogs are a trip to look at. I've been looking at pictures of them all day. Wouldn NOT want to be in a dark alley with one.

  3. Oh God, I've got to have one of those Beasts!

  4. I agree. It would freak me out... On the flip side, maybe you could ride your dog into town...

    Thanks for following! Following you back now!

  5. Lea: I want one too now! But I think there might be some city zoning laws that may prevent me from have an Elk in my yard.

    Dr.Heckle: After a few drinks..I may in fact ride the dog into town. Thanks for following!

  6. AWE! Arhooley!! You ruined the dream but I am thankful for the truth! Thanks for the link! The picture is super cool though.

  7. i have owned 3 mastiffs(none quite that big, but HUGE nonetheless) and the breed is known as one of the most relaxed and kind hearted dogs. they really are are big teddybears and nothing to be afraid of.they are big goofy drooling teddybears. they have the natural instinct to protect their families though.

  8. I have a Mastiff that tops the scale at 250 pounds and that's big...just wondering if this picture really is real. It would be amazing...

  9. margaret elliottJuly 2, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    What were those Angleo-Saxon breeders thinking ?

  10. I have two English Mastiffs. they are so lovable. truly lap dogs at heart. they are the sweetest dogs ever