Saturday, March 5, 2011

Undead Zombiefied Hero?

Zombies are not written about enough.

And I ask you now, good people of Blogger, why can't the living dead get the somewhat self esteem challenged but beautiful girl?

Why is it always the vampire or werewolf that get to strut around confident and powerful? Why do they, supernatural hotties of the fiction world get to be the mysterious ones getting all the attention?

What about the slightly gray decomposing gentlemen pacing the graveyard? What about him? He is lonely, he enjoys classical music, maybe he would like an attractive girl to stalk around the city or watch while she sits alone in a park.

How would you feel about a new twist on zombies? Instead of them being relentless, mindless, shuffling flesh eaters; how would you feel if they were portrayed in a new light?

Of course they would still be dead and possibly a tad mentally off...
But let's say they maintained employment and were really good at algebra? Pottery? Taxidermy?

Let's say, the zombie is the hero of the day who gets the girl?

Your thoughts?


  1. How about a beautiful zombie girl going after an undead guy that is far from a hottie but does have some appeal, perhaps a brain?

  2. Ha! I love it! That's the spirit! After all what is YA without disturbing love interests?

  3. I completely agree with what you said, btw.

  4. Maybe it's because the zombies eat flesh that they haven't been portrayed as the heroes, but then again vampires drink blood and a lot of people like them anyway. Wasn't the guy in the movie My Boyfriend's Back a zombie? He came back from the dead to win the heart of a girl.

  5. I love that movie N.W!! Good call. See, I am on the same boat with you. A vampire can drink blood, bite people, rip people limb from limb and yet they are sexy and mysterious? I just don't see how a well behaved Zombie can't also be a sexy protective type. People know he wants to eat your flesh off but he never does, because he loves you.

  6. Because putred flesh isn't sexy. But hey what do I know? I want one of those vampires to drink my blood.