Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dead city workers don't plot.

And so today marks a day 15th of writing with the white heat of adventure!

I have yet to decide what my climax will be as I have written in 6 or 7 sub-plots and 2 possible major plots. I may or may not have over done myself.

I have said before that I was working well with outlining prior to writing. As you can probably guess, that tanked. Much like the remainder of my hopes and dreams.

Here are reasons I cannot plot ahead:

1. I have no patience for plotting. Once I get an idea in my head I have to run with it. Plotting seems to rip the guts out of all the excitement. It's alot like in life. Would it be more fun to somehow find yourself hitch hiking on a strange island with a pineapple strapped to your head? Or would planning a flight and hotel stay on said island be more of a rush?

I'm with you. Give me the damn pineapple. Life is hum drum enough on its own.

2. I really like witnessing my characters take over. Most of the time, if you allow them too, they will take you in a direction that is even better then any one you could have planned out. One minute they are walking to Wal-Mart for a first aid kit with a dead cat in their back pack and the next they are using the dead cat as weapon to fight off undead city workers.

3. There is always room to go back and collapse things, move things, take out scenes and worthless characters. Seems to me if you plot someone in it would be difficult to rip them out. I have a post-it that says "NO GOING BACK" it reminds me to not get stuck in revising things that can wait. Forge ahead people! The past can be remolded...at least with fiction it can.

4. Since most of my "balls" have been ripped off due to the sedentary lifestyle of parenthood and pointless job I find that writing with the wind is akin to drinking straight whiskey and daring a scary trucker with dried blood on his yellow wife beater to a game of Russian roulette. Or something like that.

5. Even if it doesn't make sense, as first drafts rarely do, what's important is getting to the end. I myself have yet to make it there but in my imagination, when I do finally reach it, I feel accomplished. Relieved. And alot less like a loser who has no follow through. These are good things. I want these things.

SO, with that being said and minutes of your life drained away from this post I bid you adieu kind people. I'm off to write things.

Pineapples await!


  1. I envy you. I'm a major plotter. I have to plan everything in detail. However, I'm currently working on a project where I'm planning less and just writing for inspiration.

  2. I like No 3. Have a good session. Thats what I hope to do...

  3. Clarissa- As I envy you! I have no time to really plot...but it probably would be easier.

    Jacqueline- HI! Thanks so much for following! I hope to have a good session right now..if I could just get the heck of Facebook!

  4. I'm just ticked to find out you posted about pineapples and didn't even send me a check out my blog memo. Ugh! And you get comments and all. That's it, I'm jealous and once again I concede to your awesomeness.

  5. And you'll be better for it. I'm partially supernatural...without the great skin and hot body.