Friday, March 25, 2011

Clean something, damn you!

She is dead. Cold. Mentally unstable and has not one shred of consideration for me and what I need. main character.

Our conversation goes like this:

Me: Hey you! What are you doing, just standing there?
MC: I'm enjoying the cold pits of despair you've so generously written me into.
Me: Well, do you think you could do something? Stab someone? Clean the coffee table?
MC: I can think of one person I would like to stab.
Me: Hm, interesting..*scribbles down notes* Could you tell me who that might be? Are they going to die?
MC: Yes. *evil grin* I think they will be dying.
Me: I'll be going now.

And because of her insubordination she is currently being dragged into a field by very large, very rabid and very blind trio of dogs.


  1. Ooh, creepy MC. She's fascinating.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. careful! she might pull you into her dark world and we may never see you again! LOL! oh, a story is not a story without one main character being rather evil, don't you think? Otherwise, what is the use of reading it? It would be very boring! Good luck!

  3. My characters talk to me, too! Now I'm following you also. Have a great day!

  4. Haha, I loved this post, because I know exactly what that's like! I was having a wee chat to my MC the other day - and I was getting quite disgust about something he told me he once did - and then I suddenly realised that I was talking to a fictional character. I also realised that I am very weird. :)