Sunday, October 3, 2010

Writers Conference and other things..

Hola Blogspot Land!

I lived through my first writers conference and it was amazing. Do you know what it feels like to be the only one in your world interested in plots and imaginary worlds not to mention reading? Yeah, its sad and lonely. But for two days....thats all anyone wanted to talk about. Ah, heaven.

I am on informational overload and it feels great.
I wanted to point out that every workshop I went to someone mentioned the "Vampire" phase. Vampire this and vampire that....They say not to write about vampires because by the time you write it, pitch it to an agent that will take it on, they sell it and wait for it to get on a shelf that the craze will be long gone. Agents were saying this stuff. "DONT WRITE ABOUT VAMPIRES!"

I think I agree. How awful it must be to read a query letter describing a moody vampire who is 17 and still goes to highschool, who is also rich and highly intelligent?

If you were and attractive,immortal rich person, would you go to highschool?

No. I wouldn't either.

And the protagonist, almost always a sullen teenage girl is always the same, isn't she? Before I wouldnt have picked this apart but now I feel like I'll never look at those books the same. Even though in a small way I'll always love them.

Heres something you might want to know how ever embarassing it may be. Twilight got me reading. Twilight got me inspired. In a freakish way it pulled me out of the black. Now, I do not write about vampires, though I did give it a shot. But once I started it felt like "Shit, this has already been done..theres no way to sauce this up."

But at the conference several authors said this, "Everything has been done. Just change the characters, the plot, the goal and the end and you will have something that no one has ever thought of." Nice. Nice indeed.

One more thing, someone at the conference called me prolific when I told them that I had 5 unfinished manuscripts. They didn't scowl or tell me I was crazy...they said prolific and I think the word 'amazing' was tossed in there as well. It felt great to be seen that way. Apparently, its not a bad thing to constantly have new ideas just the part where you stick to one and see it through. Forever and forever I will be looking to going to conferences. If you haven't gone, make time and save money and get your butt out there. I went with nothing to show anyone..but I learned and made new friends who get me. It's amazing. DO IT!! The world awaits your creativity.

Have a great weekend!