Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl things...or maybe not.

Why am I not a "real" girl?

I'm not saying that I have a penis but I am saying is that I am not normal, and here's why...
I am in no way delicate. Not by manners or by looks. My hands are fact so large that a random stranger walking by almost knocked the beer out of my hands to say "Wow, you have huge mitts!"

Well, thank you asshole of a stranger...I know.

This was a few years back but I can tell ya this, my hands...they didn't shrink.

People automatically look at me and think I can kick their ass. Which is probably true, but it still hurts. Just because I could be a descendant of Lurch doesn't mean I know karate.

Theres other things too....while most girly types I know go out of their way to buy scented trash bags for their bathroom waste baskets, dump money to buy a purse for every occasion, shoes, hair clips....I buy coffee and hide from public.
While sometimes I like who I am as a woman..there are other times when I wonder if my life would have been any different if I were a feminine type who needed protecting and all that other crap.

All it makes me really want to do is walk up to some unsuspecting person..preferably big and slap them in the face. Just to see what would happen. Would I win? Would I unleash a super power I didn't know I had? Because that would be awesome..

Just my thoughts.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here I am.

I normally blog at work. Which is to say where I get my best ideas about everything. Things like plots, characters, why office plants have a sad life and ways for them to get attention and of course blogging.

However, "the man" Websensed all the the computers and I can't do things like blogging anymore. Which is highly depressing since I enjoy it so. Nevertheless, that is why I don't blog regularly.

I know what you're thinking, "You could always blog at home.." if you thought that than you are wrong...dead wrong.

The second I walk through that front door my brain runs and hides. I am dishes. I am cleaning. I am juice cups. I am laundry. I am eating my feelings. I am certainly not blogging material.

BUT I do not come with all bad news. This September I will be attending...wait for it....wait for it.......MY VERY FIRST WRITERS CONFERENCE!


Since I have decided to do so I have also decided to step it up a notch and finish a damn novel already. This deadline is great for me.
I'm drinking more coffee. I'm thinking sub-plots,secondary characters, concrete and abstract goals, researched different types of trees and psychological disorders...and I'm writing my butt off. 1,200 words a day!
Except for today...I have a giant laundry pile the size of a Buick snarling at me.

Just a little update in my slice of paradise. I'm going to be reading blogs tonight! If you guys no of any great posts on "writing for a deadline" or "How to not kill yourself while meeting said deadline" .. let me know!

Toodles Friends! Hope all is going great for you!