Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whew! So close to not being good...

No one once asked me how I get through a story. And I would say to that no one that I have not actually got through one yet.
However, for me a nice smooth chapter outline is like having the bones to a rather tasteless skeleton. Whatever that means, I never actually have eaten a skeleton. One time there was some weird bones in my tuna sandwich which tasted more like mayonnaise than anything. Long story boring, I didn't eat tuna for a long time after.

Any how, chapter outlining is working wonders for me. I wish I could to a chapter outline for my life. There would be alot more meteor showers and trees that grew money, maybe a food stamp card with limitless credit too.

But, I have made it past the point that I always stop at with all the other failed books. It feels great, I gotta tell ya. I am actually past the point where the whole thing usually hits the fan in a whirling mixture of vomit and tears. I have made it my friends and dammit I am going to finish it. Even if I have to drink every pot of coffee available until I have heart palpitations and choke on my own fluids.. I will finish.

Plus, I'm going to a writers conference in Tucson in September. I am polishing and writing, blurbing and synopsising like there is no tomorrow. When I get there I am going to soak up the genius like I've never soaked before. Maybe even random hugs fueled by a caffiene induced fit of excitment.

What is the best advice you can give me on going to my first writers conference? Keep in mind that I will be going with a partial manuscript that may or may not be a total Frankensteiny mess.

Please help dear bloggers!!!


  1. You WILL finish. I have faith!

  2. I, sadly, haven't been to one in person yet. WriteOnCon doesn't really count for me 'cause I was more like a lurker (I don't write YA/MG/PB).

    It's awesome you're going. Nothing says "Commitment" like shelling out for a convention, and it's the best way to go to find an agent, much like playing the lottery in a smaller pool ;) Don't forget the door prizes!

    From what I've read, though, your work should be done and close to polished as possible before you pitch. Agents want near-perfection because they just don't have the time for a lot of major edits. If it were me, until the WIP was done, I'd get the most out of the workshops and meeting agents and other writers. Learn, network, learn, network. Get as many critiques out of it as you can--for everything: the query, synopsis, first x pages, etc.

    Remember every word written gets you closer to the goal. I have to tell myself that anyway when I've only written 100 words in a day, and I'm feeling like it's just a drop in the bucket.

  3. Woooo.... Glad you found something that works for you!! I used chapter outlines too... Mosta' the time.

    I've never been to a writer's conference before 0_0 It sounds Amazing, so I hope you have fun. I'm not sure of any advice though... Random hugs sound fun, though :)