Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whew! So close to not being good...

No one once asked me how I get through a story. And I would say to that no one that I have not actually got through one yet.
However, for me a nice smooth chapter outline is like having the bones to a rather tasteless skeleton. Whatever that means, I never actually have eaten a skeleton. One time there was some weird bones in my tuna sandwich which tasted more like mayonnaise than anything. Long story boring, I didn't eat tuna for a long time after.

Any how, chapter outlining is working wonders for me. I wish I could to a chapter outline for my life. There would be alot more meteor showers and trees that grew money, maybe a food stamp card with limitless credit too.

But, I have made it past the point that I always stop at with all the other failed books. It feels great, I gotta tell ya. I am actually past the point where the whole thing usually hits the fan in a whirling mixture of vomit and tears. I have made it my friends and dammit I am going to finish it. Even if I have to drink every pot of coffee available until I have heart palpitations and choke on my own fluids.. I will finish.

Plus, I'm going to a writers conference in Tucson in September. I am polishing and writing, blurbing and synopsising like there is no tomorrow. When I get there I am going to soak up the genius like I've never soaked before. Maybe even random hugs fueled by a caffiene induced fit of excitment.

What is the best advice you can give me on going to my first writers conference? Keep in mind that I will be going with a partial manuscript that may or may not be a total Frankensteiny mess.

Please help dear bloggers!!!