Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl things...or maybe not.

Why am I not a "real" girl?

I'm not saying that I have a penis but I am saying is that I am not normal, and here's why...
I am in no way delicate. Not by manners or by looks. My hands are fact so large that a random stranger walking by almost knocked the beer out of my hands to say "Wow, you have huge mitts!"

Well, thank you asshole of a stranger...I know.

This was a few years back but I can tell ya this, my hands...they didn't shrink.

People automatically look at me and think I can kick their ass. Which is probably true, but it still hurts. Just because I could be a descendant of Lurch doesn't mean I know karate.

Theres other things too....while most girly types I know go out of their way to buy scented trash bags for their bathroom waste baskets, dump money to buy a purse for every occasion, shoes, hair clips....I buy coffee and hide from public.
While sometimes I like who I am as a woman..there are other times when I wonder if my life would have been any different if I were a feminine type who needed protecting and all that other crap.

All it makes me really want to do is walk up to some unsuspecting person..preferably big and slap them in the face. Just to see what would happen. Would I win? Would I unleash a super power I didn't know I had? Because that would be awesome..

Just my thoughts.


  1. Sometimes I get aggravated about this stuff, too. I'm definitely not a girly-type. I can look pretty nice when I dress up, but it's rare and I have a fairly large frame. I don't act girly, either. I live and work in a man's world, and I like to hold my own with my boys. I remind myself the girly-fragile types have a whole other set of problems I don't have.

    Still, there are times I'd like to trade problems with them. Just for a day or two...:)

  2. Yours is the earth, and the earth is beautiful.

  3. If nothing else, if you whack that certain someone well, you may have a story to tell. Not that most writers lack for ideas, but there are some things that should be experienced rather than imagined. (Though it may also pay to have a friend who's a lawyer, just in case.)

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  5. i say thank god this is not a vanilla, flavorless world where all of us are the same! i like your humor.....and, hey, there's men out there that wouldn't mind a little whack now and then from a woman...i think they might enjoy it even.... =)

  6. Huh... I know what you're talking about. I've never been a girly-girl type. I played in mud, had crazy wild hair, and thought that buying shoes and purses was stupid. I still am that, mosta' the time.

    I think it's good to be that way. I think being all wussy should not be associated with being a girl. Just a thought.