Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Writing something new..

I've started chapter outlines for my new masterpiece because to tell you the truth..although I've attempted to outline in the past I've never actually completed one. (big surprise) I should change my blog title to "Lazy Pile of Un-accomplishment"

But here's the thing. I have all these WIPs and I can't seem to get through one. I'm not sure why or if maybe I have a defective brain but I tend to drop off every single one a quarter of the way through. I must say though, I have learned alot from these flops of mine. The unfinished wips haunting my self esteem with a raging vengeance...and believe me they do. No matter what I do I can't seem to force myself to going back and writing them. It's like they stole my money or kicked my's like we aren't friends anymore. I take breaks, I have mental pep-rallies, I sing myself songs of encouragement....and I still can't go back to those wips.
And no, I'm not a good singer.

Luckily, I'm having a serious allergy infestation and I couldn't even write today if someone came into this office and threatened to beat me with a toilet seat...

My head feels like someone hollowed out a bowling ball, filled it with cemented jello and set it on fire with a blow torch. Yeah, not writing. Not today.

So, hence forth....I am outlining chapters for this new idea of mine. Nothing big, just small insignificant descriptions. Maybe my other WIPS were learning tools. Since I'm just starting out it could be that I needed those stepping stones to get learn how I realize what my voice is or could be. I am certain that one day the disappointment of so much unfinished work will drive me deep into the chasm of insanity and pain but until then.....chapter outlines...and a heavy over dose of Claritin.

What about you, do you have "stepping stone" wips that never got finished but helped you to learn your craft?


  1. I like the way you described your other WIPs as learning tools; I think that's definitely true. And maybe your heart just wasn't in the other WIPs you didn't finish; I think it's perfectly fine to move on to something that you really do want to work on. And maybe there's a character or part of a storyline in one of those other stories that you could use for your new story.

  2. I found chapter outlines really helped me too. Some people can write entire books without plotting, but I find I need some idea where I am going first.

  3. I'm an outliner all the way. So I've never had problems finishing a ms. :)

  4. I'm so not an outliner. I don't write my scenes in order but I have finished every book I started writing. Well, except for my current WIP. Who knows, maybe that will be the one that never gets finished. Only time will tell.

  5. My problem wasn't leaving a WIP unfinished. It was never writing anything longer than short-story or article length. Maybe that was my newspaper background, but anything longer seemed daunting. Finally, I did write a novel-length ms in less than four weeks (first draft), and it just poured out like I was possessed.

    I do love the short snippets, though. It's good practice whether you end up using them or not. They often help me get the ideas flowing.

  6. Everyone is different... I am thinking of doing the outline thing too though...
    Ah, screw it, just come with me to the beach, haha!

  7. Interestingly enough, I used to never really finish alot of things I started. I finished my first novel sometime back and then I did NaNo and completed my second one. I've dropped wips along the way though. I have my NaNo book that needs a total re-work that I can't seem to muster the oomph to deal with. I get stuck in the middle of wips sometimes. I find if I skip ahead and write some scene that I have more clearly in my mind, that will sometimes help me to get un-stuck (that's a word, right). :) Then I go back and dutifully fill in where needed when I feel more up to it.

  8. Making the change from pantsering to plotting was what helped me get from Chapter Three (finally!) to The End. That, and The Husband saying it would take me three years to finish a book. Finished it in three months. Showed HIM. :-)

  9. I've never had someone threaten to beat me with a toilet seat. That might be quite effective.

    I have approximately 4,562,765,246,896 WIPs so I feel your pain. I don't have any help, but I will commiserate with you.

    (ps I saw your comment on my sister's blog (aching hope) and popped over to check out your blog. me like :)

  10. I think it's great that you've had so many learning experiences. That means that when you do finish something it will be that much better because of all the learning you did with the unfinished projects. I have an award for you on my blog.

  11. Hello! New follower here - love the words on your profile 'working in an office in a position that has little room for advancement, unless somebody dies.' Hee!

    I think all wips are stepping stones to the real deal. I have lots of unfinished stories behind me, and most of them I regard with fondness. I even enjoy re-reading every so often but I am a bit narcissistic with my words. However, I do recognise this trait and can also see if something is just, well, pap and shouldn't ever leave my room! Thankfully... or I'd be in big trouble!