Monday, April 5, 2010

To be or not to be..immortal.

I think a question we should ask ourselves, us writers of fictional things, is what we would choose should we been given the chance to become immortal.

When I was a sullen teenager trying to find myself in a sea of pot smoking clones, I often I asked myself if I would take up an offer of immortality.

Yes, I know it’s an odd thought. But when you eat lunch by yourself next to a sea of bright red lockers and there is a rumor going around that you sacrifice goats in your spare time you often have irrational thoughts.
I knew back then that I would have done it in a second.

Now, I’m not so sure. Not only would I be chubby for all eternity but I would be forced to watch everyone I know and love get old and die. Am I okay with that? Would if be twisted to say if maybe I was okay with it? The good thing is that I know none of you will tell on me.

But I have to wonder what being immortal entails, aside from everyone you know dying right in front of you.

If you weren't "vampire immortal" what would you eat?

If you didn't eat would you still have to use the bathroom?

Would I still have a period? Because if I did have to have a period for all eternity, I would rather die.

What happens to my insides? Do they freeze upon becoming immortal? Or do they rot slowly and give me bad breath?

Not even immortality can be a beautiful thing.

Sure, writers make them out to be gorgeous shiny-tastical, mysterious beings, but in real life, where all is bound and destined to deteriorate into carcass sludge...I would think that someone immortal would smell quite badly. You know, because of all the rancid fluids not being used. Someone immortal might even be eternally crabby because they're re-living Monday with no end in sight. Kinda like my life, but at least I know I'm working towards dying. Which puts me in a better mood.

Would I still have to work in an office? Would I feel obligated to stick by my family to make sure the bills were paid? Would I be an immortal office clerk with a 401-k? This is disturbing.
So my question, knowing what I think, would you choose to be immortal should there come a day you were given the choice?


  1. OMG - no way. I can think of nothing worse.

    Now if my writing could become immortal, that's a different story...

  2. Damn, I don't know! I totally dig life so the more the better right?... But like you said, how much pain can one take having everyone die around ya?
    In the movies the vampires always look totally depressed, so doesn't look like too much fun!

  3. Kristen: That would be awesome wouldn't it? Your writing living on forever? Very cool point!

    Annika: It dosen't seem fun does it? I am undecided too. It would be cool but than again it would be depressing. hmm.

  4. I would not want to be immortal on Earth, especially in this body. But there's an afterlife I'm pretty keen on spending eternity in.

  5. I always thought I would grab that opportunity but now reading your views I'd rather die too. I never thought about these ramifications of being immortal.

    So thank you! ;p

  6. You have some damn valid pros for death. Eternal period. Need I say more?

  7. Elle:I'm with you on the "this body" situation. =)

    Johana: I'm glad I pointed this out to you before you became immortal. lol =)

    Tara: LOL. I'm tellin' ya!

  8. LOL "Working toward dying."

    For me, I'd be afraid of immortality. What happens at the end of the sun's lifespan and the end of the earth occurs? Or even before that when the rest of the human race is extinct?

  9. Hmm...I don't know if I'd want to be immortal on earth either.

  10. I'm not sure. In the afterlife, yes...but not sure about Earth. It depends - would you be stuck the way you look for the rest of your life? And of course, your friends and family will die, you'll see things change drastically over the years, you'll fall in love and have to watch that person grow old and die. And you'll have to witness the end of the world, quite possibly. So no...getting old will be awful but I would much rather life life and leave when it's over. Immortality may seem so glam and enchanting but I think it would be more of a curse.

  11. Your post had me laughing. No, I don't think I would choose immortality. Your post reminds me of something a friend told me. Right now I have a teenager and I was groaning about it. My friend said, "The only good thing is, you know you can live forever, so it has to be over at some point." I'm sure there will be days that I cling to that advice. So far, I'm good.