Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am a liar.

I'm a bad friend! I know its true but because after most of you told me not to go with the new idea.. I did anyways! I feel horrible! Like we all got married and then I cheated on you with the handsome Latino pool boy..
Alas, I am somewhat of a writer and I couldn't take it anymore. I wrote two chapters of my new NEW Middle Grade Fantasy..

I know what you're thinking-- "It will never last, she'll give up on it soon!"

You would be right. But hell, maybe I'm not a great writer or ever will be but I just love it so much. So I figure, Screw it, I'll write what I want until something sticks like an inoperable tumor.

I thought since I stabbed you in the back that maybe you would like to read an excerpt from it. Let me know your thoughts because those are the ones that matter.

My only writing friends. Thank you for understanding...yet again.

(Excerpt from chapter two)



  1. Oh I like it! Are you going to tell us the rest? What were the chickens digging up?

  2. Johana-Hey you! Long time no talk! I wanted to post both chapters but people read blogs on the go and I didnt want to bog things up!

  3. Sometimes you have to trust your gut. Go with it and see what happens.

    P.S. This is really creepy. I want to know what is going on...

  4. Ahhh! Where did it go? I want to reeeeeeeeead it! (I did that with my best first grader whine. I have perfected it over the past 12 years with... um... first graders :) )