Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Awards on the Fly!

Hello BlogSpot Bloggers!
I'm getting ready to go home and face the onslaught of housework which is my life.

But before I go and cry for the last twenty minutes of my day in the office restroom I have some Awards to bestow!!

This one is from the beautiful and talented Annika! Never miss a post! Delightful girl indeed! Thank you Chicky!

I'm passing it toooooo

2. Meika over at Waiting on the Muse
5. E. Elle over at The Writers Funhouse

I hope they check this blog because I'm on the clock and can't notify them properly. Running out of time as usual.... Thanks Guys for being awesome and having BITCHIN' blogs. Also, for being part of mine.

This one is from Meika! She's new to me but so glad she's here!
Love the blog! Go check it out!
I'm going to pass this one onto all my followers because you all deserve a pat on the back! This blogging stuff is like a 2nd job! Thanks to everyone for being here with me while I slowly lose my sanity and write about nothing in particular!
On a side note I will be posting a "Personal Vent" tomorrow about how much my life and writing don't mix and the strange screaming that has taken up residence inside my head.
See you soon!!


  1. You're like the bestest!! Thanks for the award and the super cute bear. I'll be sure and pass him along too.

  2. Aww, thanks for the impossibly adorable award! I'm glad you're here, too!!

  3. Congrtats on your awards doll!!!Well deserved!!!

  4. Congrats on the awards and those you've passed them on to. Yay!

  5. *excited squeal* Thank you so much! Now I feel all loved and super and bigheaded. :D