Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaser Tueday?

I wasn't aware that there was a special day for teasers until my dashboard popped up with all the madness. I have to say that this makes me excited and I have a feeling like I want to throw up. But hey, in light of a "blog holiday" I will be happy to share. You guys share, why not me? You guys put your balls on the line...I can too.

So I will post a piece of my WIP and hopefully I won't lose every one of my new blogging friends. Please excuse the bad grammar because it's all I have.

Dropping out of high school wasn't the best decision ever, but then again neither was my haircut.

I have had the same hair for 27 years. Except for a small part in the 90's where it was always crimped. And today it looks more like George Washington's wig with a clip in it.

But this isn't about my hair...this is about Teaser Tuesday and how I'm more than a little freaked out to share this because it quite possibly will suck beyond all sucking.. But without further small talk here is an expert from my YA novel.. enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

*removed due to construction*


  1. Good grief, don't be so hard on yourself. This really good! Oh my goodness. What happens next?

  2. I didn't even realize I apologized. That's crazy. It's like second nature you know. I'm naturally akward. Thanks for the support though!