Friday, March 5, 2010

So Far So Good..

So, I've taken a two week vacation. Not the fun kind where you sip umbrella drinks by the ocean and rinse sand out of your bottom, but the kind where you don't look or think about your unfinished manuscript. It was hard, believe me. I felt like I was forgetting about a good friend. Needless to say, I did not get any plot enhancing ideas while on "vacation" but I think it might have been healthy.
I'll have you know, whoever you are, that I am back on track and in the grand 'ol think machine, turning the gears trying to get the clutch un-stuck, the engine roars to life and I jolt forward into fiction land!!! Hopefully.

It's a good thing too, because reality just isn't a fun place. For someone my age I definitely hold up the whole world on my shoulders and to top it all off I'm getting sick again. My diet it boring me to death and I miss carbs. How will I ever delve into my imagination when I'm constantly thinking of bread and ding dongs? Maybe I should write about the effects of a carb-less life and fixations on whip cream?

I have just recently come to the grips of realizing how many people are actually writing books right now? It is beyond insane. Each one of these people built worlds and characters and knows their book is good. But how many of them will get published? Will I get published? Probably not. So what do we do, how do we continue on the vast road of publish-hood? We convince ourselves it will work out that you will find your soul mate in an agent and they will realize that you are the next big thing.

Or like me, you convince yourself that writing is the only thing you have that you actually don't dread doing. It isn't a chore, your characters don't want you to rub their feet or do their laundry. They only want you to write them.

So, starting Monday... I will write like the wind. My heroine will change her attitude thus becoming more insane and detached, which I'm excited about. My hero will be driving with me to work, smoking his cigarette, sitting in concentrated silence. Thats how I like my men, silent and smoking.

have a good weekend whoever you are!!

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  1. You're back. I've been worried. As for writing, even if I am never published I wouldn't change all the hours and night.s and days and weeks and years I have put into creating other worlds. Because, as you so hilariously stated, you can do whatever you want with your books and characters. It is an escape no amount of money, no amount of drinks with umbrellas can compare to!