Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outlines are funny things.

Good Morning Blogspot!

I am at work with a mountain of paperwork and files on my desk. It's safe to say I won't get any writing done. I know how disappointed you must be.

I'd like to talk about outlines and how they pertain to me. About 6 months ago I attempted to start an outline. I was fully involved in getting one going. I assumed that all writers used outlines and that I should too for the sake of being in the "in crowd". Until I realized what a nerd I was being thinking that writers were even in a "in crowd" at all. I tormented myself, pulled out my hair, cursed the skys, "WHY CAN'T I WRITE AN OUTLINE,DAMN YOU!"

But luckliy for me, I give up ideas very easily and an outline was an idea I forgot all about. I decided I didn't need it... it turns out I really didn't.

I cannot seem to wrap my head around a functioning outline. I always change my mind and mostly the whole format just makes me want to punch something. Does anyone out there start a project with an outline? Because if you do, you are now and forever my hero. Much like math, I do not get outlines. However, I commend and am slightly jealous of those who do. I always watch in awe when someone is overly organized. These people seem so in control...glassy like the ocean before a tsunami..

My brain is like an IPAD and a blackberry all in one. Sure, there are the occasional glitches where I forget to put on deodorant or toss my car keys in the freezer, sight unseen, but I've lived this long on pure brain power. Which isn't saying much since I possess more similarities to lawn gnome then an actual human being. Except slightly better looking.

I like the thought of my writing spilling straight out onto a blank ms word document wild and misshapen. It's a mess, it's hard to read, people will never buy it. That's fine with me because above all else, editing is my favorite thing to do. It's like adding flesh onto a skeleton. As I edit I feel like a I finally have my soul back. That it sits with me and wanders through the golden wheat fields as my heroine gradually loses her mind. Stephen King says it best...

"Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe."

Please note that from this moment on I will never use an outline as a means to follow order! I will use post-it notes for ideas and various scribblings in random notebooks. These will be the vessels in which to record my thoughts should inspiration strike! A post-it note can go a long way if you write very small...Unfortunately my hands are freakishly large.

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  1. I never plot or outline. When I do, the entire plot changes anyway. So why spend the time? I'd probably be a better writer if I did, though!