Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back from the grave.

Well not really the plauge, but i've been deathly ill for two weeks and today marks the first day of actually feeling partially human. I was without the sense of smell and taste for those fourteen days and I have to say it was very uncomfrotable. I would serach the house for food with texture so that I felt as though I was eating.

However, I am happy to say that I can smell and taste today and a result of that is a half a pack of my beloved cigarettes and six to eight cups of heavliy creamed coffee. I am at work and ALMOST focused on what I should be doing, complete with a to-do list that I complied this morning, which I've mostly just stared at. I've started writing my book again and have been bombarded with new ideas and plot twist thanks to the caffiene boost! I am excited to get to writing again.

A few months back when everyone I knew was on board with me (about me writing a book) everyone wanted to read the rough draft and be involved and now its like it never happened. No one has asked about it at all. Not that I care, because I would rather be left alone when it comes to my imagination land, but its just funny to me.

I doubt anyone reads any of these blogs I post, but thats alright too. It reminds me of having a journal, like I did in Jr.High. Nothing special just words about unimportant things. BUT, if I leave work today and die in a horrible accident that involves a cement truck and a pigeon, someone will come on here and see that I wasn't just a robot strapped to a routine life, that I actually had something else going on in my head beside what to make for dinner and when the cable should be paid.

Life is a funny thing.


  1. Blogs are a beautiful thing, no? It's sort of nice shooting your thoughts off into cyberspace and letting them fall where they may. Free therapy.

  2. I'm your first follower, so someone does know that you are ambitious enough to write a book! Hopefully you avoid death long enough to read this message!!! Hang in there and keep writing, even when no one know you are doing it. It is well worth it in the end.

  3. BTW, sent invitations to my fellow blogger friends to come over here and follow you... so be prepared!